Trần Hiền

As one of the most memorable contestants since the first season of Vietnam’s Next Top Model, Trần Hiền is unsurprisingly fierce yet so modest – a down-to-earth woman who knows her worth. She is the first Vietnamese model to sign with a Paris-based agency afterall, waltzing on the runway and captivating all hearts whenever and wherever.

Minh Anh

Minh Anh is versatile in her performance . Young of age but she can easily pull of the iconic Asian high-fashion look. Rich of expressions, she is a real pro in front of the camera, captivating and professional in all her shoots.

Nguyễn Ngọc Ly

Ngọc Ly may not be a princess, but she is definitely a young lady. She is elegant, in favor of tradition and natural beauty. Whether on screen or on the catwalk, she presents herself confidently, as sweet as a cotton candy.

Hoàng Bảo Trâm

Bảo Trâm’s attitude is mature beyond her age. She’s calmer, more professional than most of her peers, but still exudes the innocence and liveliness of youth. This charisma has brought her to Vietnam Kids Fashion Week and many brand deals with Canifa, IVY Moda…

Nguyễn Ngọc Cát Tường

Lively, cheerful and upbeat are the most-suited words to talk about Cát Tường. She is as much a princess as she is a diva and a fashionista. Not only does she excels on the catwalk, she is also grabbing attention as a young singer and dancer.

DJ Emma

The young Emma has made her name popular in the Hanoi nighlife music landscape thanks to her unforgettable mixing style and her pretty face. Emma has collaborated with various lounges and club across Hanoi, earning herself over 15 thousand of admirers online.

Phương Dii

Phương Dii performs like a chameleon, perfectly fitting in various style from retro to modern. She often collaborates with nationally well-known brands such as Bitis, Juno, Le House… With her high-fashion face, minimalist style and professionalism, she has racked up over 80 thousands followers on her Instagram.

Anastasia Brovkina

Posing in front of the camera is a difficult job, but Anatasia does it so effortlessly. She presents herself gracefully, interacting with whatever is throwing at her direction, always exuding the modern, chic atmosphere.

Julia Shu

The Russian-born model has a sharp jawline, ideal body measurements as well as potential vibration for high fashion. She is versatile, starting out as a promotion girl, capable of pulling off various look, ranging from the classy European chic to the modern, sophisticated city girl.